BISNISNEWS.COM – Simultaneous publication of Press Releases (or Daily Press Releases) is the right step in reputation management activities.

Especially in efforts to carry out imaging, socialization and personal/product branding campaigns.

Including in the context of carrying out image restoration efforts or restoring a good name.

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Simultaneous publication of press releases on news portals or online media is necessary so that information can be published in dozens of media.

For this reason, as a solution to the need for a Reputation Management program, offers an alternative Simultaneous Press Release Publication program.

More than 100 news portals have partnered with, consisting of: National media, Economic and Business media, Entertainment media, and Regional Press.

[related by="category" jumlah="2" mulaipos="3"] and this news portal provide economical packages for publication needs, both Simultaneous Press Releases and Daily Press Releases.

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